Monday, October 1, 2012

ROC Calmance - Good for pocket....but good for skin?

Jack's mother said, "We're stony broke!
Go out and find some wealthy bloke
Who'll buy our cow. Just say she's sound
And worth at least a hundred pound.
But don't you dare to let him know.
That she's as old as billy~o!

Nice little nursery rhyme we have there. In the story of Jack and the beanstalk, Jack's mom had given specific instructions to sell their lovely old cow for some cash.

Sob sob story eh? But ever wonder what did Jack's mum do to that money from selling that cow?


Doesn't matter anyway, but my point here is that, I have gone through times where I'm stoney broke! ESPECIALLY when I totally forgot to allocate for road tax + insurance money...and to add to this, the alternator (car-battery recharger) of my car was not my stuck on the MEXX highway, in the middle of the jam.

To make things worse, that's when you realise you're out of skincare supplies. Double damn...And I obviously do not have a cow, nor a wealthy bloke that I sell my cow to.

Looks like Jack seems to be in a better position than I am.

So when this 'unintended' time of your life comes, what do you do?

Easy, you improvise. 

Based on my previous review on ROC's purif-Ac toner, I'm very much convinced with ROC's ability to help sensitive skin heal. Due to my disagreement with Clinique serum, now I'm all red and blotchy. So, I guess its back to basics now then.

Having 40ml of quantity, this is a pretty small tube. With no smell and no colour, this seems to be an ideal cream for anybody having extremely sensitive skin. I have tried Avene Cold Cream before, but having heavier consistency may leave shine on the face, thus slightly inappropriate for daily office wear. 

This one has a lighter consistency and probably should be a better option.


After 3 days, I must say that I find it to be less moisturising. Sure, it helps to calm down red skin, but then again I still feel kinda dry and tense. Upon application, it seems to stay on the skin. Kinda feels weird. And 5 minutes later, I feel that the area around my eyes are so dry (which is pretty surprising since I did not apply it onto my eyes)


I don't know how to rate this product. Its a simple moisturiser, but I must say it doesn't do much. Sure it doesn't irritate the skin, but that's pretty much what it does. Other than that, I can't seem to feel any difference. I even go without it sometimes. Thank god it costs just 40 bucks...

Perhaps I should have bought the Hydra+ range rather than this. Oh well...


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