Monday, October 8, 2012

Budget Buys That Tickles You Fancy!

Sometimes, money gets the better of you. Or shall I say, money ALWAYS gets the better of you. Conscious shoppers like you and me are always prowling on the best buy items on sale. But wait, are best buy items normally of great quality? Honestly, I'm not sure about you though, but I'd rather spend 100 bucks on something that works, rather than 20-30 bucks on something that doesn't work at all, or even worse, gives you adversed results. And you'd be spending another few hundreds just to correct the problem. (I always feel stupid when this happens to me...yes, I'm not spared either)

So the question is, how do you find those million dollar products that costs a fraction of those high-end brands out there, but delivers high performance results?

From my personal point of view, here are the items you need to have, BUT doesn't need to cost you your monthly salary.

1) Cleansers

They don't need to cost you a bomb IF you know what their goal is: to clean up the dirt and grime. UNLESS they have special properties or additional benefits which could justify the price, I'd say a simple cleanser would do.

My Budget Buy Pick: EucerinWhite Solution Gentle Cleansing Gel (RM28.90)

These babies rock! Whether its for oily-combo or dry skin, they ALWAYS help to cleanse without stripping the natural moisture of your skin.

2.  Eyeliner

With so many types in the market, you don't have to go for the higher end ones, as drugstore brands like Loreal, Maybeline and Revlon has soooo many ranges to go for.

My Budget Pick:  Loreal Telescopic Eyeliner (Price -RM 30 ish I think)

3) Blusher 

Sure you may leave out blushers when you're on the go, but then again, but a stroke of pink or coral may be just what you need to give you that healthy glow. But it need not be pricey.

My Budget Pick: KATE Cheek Colour (Less than RM 20 I think)

Having 2 in 1 colours can help you to create some dimension on your checks, whether you want to look poise and professional, or fresh and flirty...spends on the stroke of your blusher brush~

4) Lipstick

With so many delicious shades out there, most lippies comes with moisturizing properties plus gives you a beautiful, natural finish and long-lasting coverage for hours.

My Budget Pick: Loreal Colour Riche Lipstick (RM 30 something)

5) Sheet Mask

What's not to love about these masks? They're quick, non-messy and gives you instant, quick fixes. Plus, they're cheap!

My Budget Pick: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask (RM 7)

6) Body Scrub

During my confinement, I initially wanted to spend some money for some lulur mandi, as they say that it is essential. But after seeing the prices, I just wondered, "can't over the counter body scrubs provide the same thing???"

So I went and bought a good but affordable body scrub from Guardian, and it gave me the same results as how I would get at the the comfort of my own home too!

My Budget Pick: Guardian's Organic Olive Oil Body Scrub (RM 20 something)

So there you have it peps! My conclusion? Beauty need not be a pricey affair, but you NEED to take care of yourself and budget is no excuse!

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