Monday, October 8, 2012

Latest Addition! - MD Formulations Daily Peel Pads

Ultimately, we'd like everything to be natural.But what happens when you've tried and tried to go eau organic and it just doesn't  deliver results fast and effective enough as you'd like it to do? Especially when school holidays are coming and kenduris are fast-approaching, you'd need instant quick fixes to your broken skin, and natural, organic products just takes time to do its work.

My solution is, I take some shortcuts. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

And home chemical peels are some of the shortcuts I do take to speed up skin-healing process.

But wait, my beloved Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Peel Pads has increased its priced by almost 40% from the original. Argh!

So what do I do? Looks like I need to find a substitute.


I've read about this product for quite a while. It seems to give the same results as PTR's, but at a cheaper price. And since now its on sale at, I thought I should have a go.

I know your concern. Some peels are very harsh, but from the reviews I have read, its more on the gentle side, as the acids used are relatively mild. So should be no problem.

Overview of the company - MD Formulations

"When MD Formulations first hit the market, the beauty industry experienced a true marriage of technology and aesthetics. MD Formulations was the first company to license a patent on glycolic acid throughout the world. Six years later, MD Formulations introduced its skin care formulations through dermatological professionals. In 1992, MD Formulations was introduced to the international market.

MD Formulations discovered that matching their formulations to the pH level of the skin is the key to developing a product with less risk of irritation. The patented glycolic compound is still highly effective but it is gentle and safe for those with more sensitive skin. The glycolic compound has the ability to resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as dark spots and other types of discoloration. The same compound improves tone and elasticity and can even help to clarify pores and clear blemishes. MD Formulations has the ideal solutions for every skin type and concern" 

Sounds good eyh? I know, I know...some of you peps may find the idea of having at home chemicals peels have something less favourable...but don't worry, most of them are fairly safe and mild, but of course it won't work as effective as the in-clinic treatments, but if you could at least get something out of it, then why not?

My order had just arrived this morning. Will have a try and update more on this soon ya peps? 

Muax! Take care! 


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