Friday, November 23, 2012

MAYDAY MAYDAY!!! Moisture Needed!!!

Doesn't the sight of this excites you?????????

In the effort to work like crazy (work like crazy pun harus ada effort kah?), we constantly drown ourselves with gallons and gallons of caffeine (Guilty as charged!) to keep our brains boosted (or shall I say, kurang mengantuk maka pekerjaan menjadi lebih produktif?)

Namun, kita lazimnya melupakan bahawa betapa pentingnya air untuk perkembangan sel-sel diri kita... be it for the healthy development of body cells, to quench thirst, and not to forget, our dear skin.

I'm 26...going to 27 next year... A friend once asked me, is it okay to start anti-ageing products at this stage of life???

Well, to be some cases, our numerical age doesn't actually reflect our true biological age i.e we may be ageing older than we are due to work stress, family stress, financial distress etcetra etcetra...

So should we start on anti-ageing?

My safe answer would be no harm...But then again, some anti-ageing skin cares are priced HIGHER than the normal ranges for us young (boleh dikatakan) people. So is using anti-age fighters really necessary or somewhat another marketing ploy to make us spend more???


Hang-on a second, aku ni sudahlah mempunyai masalah kulit kering, dah tu nak start dgn anti-ageing pulak?? Bankruptlah ini macam!!! Aiyoo....

So I need a solution. And I need it quick. 

So in Guardian, I came across this:-

Description (Cuz I'm so Malas to Describe today...)

This daily 24h nourishing cream from RoC® combines moisturising agent Hydrovance®* with a cocktail of vitamins and essential nutrients, for a threefold moisturising action:
  • attract and lock water
  • rebuild reserves of nourishing ingredients
  • strengthen the skin barrier

Every day your skin is intensely nourished and feels soft and supple, for 24h hours of comfort.

Apply every day on a perfectly cleansed face and neck. Its rich and fast absorbing texture constitutes an excellent base for make-up.

Dry skin.

To simplify things, this is a highly hydrating night moisturiser...absolutely luscious for us with dry skin. 
And to add, since ROC is well-reknowned for its kind-to skin, anti-ageing products, you could say that this is great anti-ageing product for younger skin like us!


Look at the creamy texture....


After using this for a week my skin not only felt lovely and soft but actually looked noticeably plumper, which I’m putting down to it being more hydrated.

If you’re searching for something to to hydrate your dry, air-cond exposed skin, I’d definitely recommend giving RoC Hydra+ Rich 24hr Comfort Nourishing Cream since it’s not too expensive either. RoC Hydra+ is also available in a light texture that’s suitable for normal to combination skin types. My bro's using the lighter version of which, he bought it at RM35++ after 50% discount!

Best tak best tuuuu...........

RoC Hydra+ Rich 24hr Comfort Nourishing Cream retails at RM79. Great value~

Love, Jue

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