Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Laura Mercier Foundation Powder

I'm always disheartened every time my curiosity and expectation doesn't meet the mark I was hoping it should. Many readers (I'm sure) would agree with me that if you were to spend on costly cosmetic items, you'd already have an upper hand towards certain information that you would need to know, before you actually make your purchase.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes its not due to the product, but due to the item's characteristics as a whole. 

So I was loitering around Bangsar Village while waiting for my newly wed buddies to arrive, since we promised to have big mouth burgers at The Daily Grind. I'm not sure about you guys, but if I'm up for a gourmet burger, this place is my pick. 

Down-On-The-Farm Burger... always satisfies me like wow!

Anyway, I have always wanted to visit Laura Mercier's beauty counter. As you guys know, I'm a huge junkie for natural, barely there makeup rather than stage-look makeups; which is why I post a lot of Bobbi Brown and Burberry entries in my blog. 

I know, i know...Soon I'll post some eye-shadow reviews..promise!!!

I have no idea why, but I seem to be "eating" powder rather than wearing it. Ha ha ha... but god knows how I always prowl for face powder macam how I go for food-hunting. It irks me like mad!

So this is my purchase:-

The Packaging

I can't say I love the packaging. Feels too plasticky and very fragile. Its not as solid feeling as the other powders.


The thing that had me slightly disappointed was the content. Initially I was overjoyed the fact that it was priced at RM150, which I thought was okay, judging that most powders are priced way more expensive.

But when I looked at the content description, the powder only weighed 7gms!!!

7 Grammes!!!! That's so cheapskate! Kalau macam ini, sebulan je dah habis!!!

Most other powders weighed like 11gm - 12gms on average, hence I was frustrated that this one had so little content in it.

My bad. Should have checked the content first online before purchasing. Aisehhh........


Its very sheer I would say, something that I really liked about it. It also leaves a barely-there feeling of no-makeup makeup. Plus point there. But don't expect it to cover any imperfections (a lot on my face I would say), cuz its not meant to do that.


I would say its a practical powder; no fuss, you can bring it anywhere since its lightweight. Coverage is good, not cakey yet not drying. Even though it leans on to more mattifying effect, its suitable to be used by both oily or dry skinned people.

Would I buy it again?
I must say I love this better than the Dior Light Veil  previously purchased. But for the content of 7gms???
I must seriously think....


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