Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bioessence Tanaka 4x Flawless White Serum

Okay, so the disclaimer today is that I'm so not in a good mood. First of all, my PC has been lagging for months and months, causing a remarkable 50% drop in my work productivity... and to top up, I have accidentally deleted my powerpoint slides (consisting of 40++ slides done in a few months)...

What a fantastic life I'm having...

So I guess, its calls for some stress-busting time alias blogging time.

But then again, what I do take pride in myself is that I don't normally vent all my anguishness on blogs or facebooks ... and channel my inner chakras to releasing onto something else...whether great food, great company, or mere beauty-blogging!

(There, I feel better already :D)

Anyway, I'm sure u guys a well aware (and probably sick) of my ongoing, never-ending search for dark spot serums? Apparently here's the latest addition to a list of spot treatments and serums that I have hoarded..and dun seem to work (for me, that is....)


Hubby says I'm always excited when something screams "White, Flawless, Dark Spot"

Other than being a sucker for marketing of which caught my attention, this serum contains Kojic Acid and Arbutin, ingredients of which are normally used in most whitening products.

Okayh okayh... I was also hooked by the beautiful bottle...and the fact that the face of Bioessence was Scha Al-Yahya (I know she already have superb skin to begin with, but for some reason, the gimmick works on people like me...sighhhhhhhh.......)

Furthermore, the serum only costs RM70++, which is like a fraction of what I have spent on other whitening serums. 

For the description:-

Formulated with Tanaka Extract, Tranexamic Acid, Kojic Acid and Arbutin, what the serum would do is to protect the skin against UV rays, cools and moisturizes, curbs melanin production, as well as lightening of spots, eliminate of pigmentations and improves overall skin complexion.
As a result, pigmentations would be lightened, dull and yellowish skin tone would be brightened, blemishes would be reduced and skin would become fairer. The most amazing part is that the result can be expected in just 4 days!
Frankly speaking, I have no idea what the hell is Tanaka Extract... some sorta tree bark I guess?
The dropper
White in colour. Upon application, it absorbs immediately into the skin. I love the fact that its not greasy at all!
The product claims that you could see results within 4 days. As for myself, I've used it for 2 weeks and I so far I haven't been seeing any effects on my spots. Still looks the same...
Or am I impatient?
Other than that, I could say that I have seen slight evenness in my skin tone.. but then again, its probably due to the MD formulations peel pads I've been using.

So much for wishful thinking...


  1. hey.. umm can i ask.. why is mine yellow in colour? cause yours is white o.o and its kinda creamy too :( can i still use it?

    1. Hello! Well actually, mine's not reallllly 100% white...more like pearl kinda colour... but I'm not so sure why urs is that yellow? Perhaps you could check with the SA that you bought it from??

      Btw, on that note, notice any differences??? AS for me, other than slight evenness to my skin, there's not much going on for me.. hmmm....

  2. do u used it with the whole sets or just the serum? if u only use the serum maybe that's why it is not really effective to u..

    1. hello~ I only used the serum because i'm using my own range of skin care... just that I have tried other whitening serums (estee, lancome, clinique, kiehls) and they don't seem to helo much... thus, I'm trying this one just to see whether does is help or not :D


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