Monday, November 5, 2012

2 Weddings... Bliss on A Weekend....

So my post today is nothing skin care / makeup related.As the title says, this weekend we have celebrated 4 individuals who have vowed to join their lives together in a marriage, so beautiful in their own ways.

1) Yana Brahim and Syam Suhaimi

Having known this person since I started work, her bubbly, vivacious, carefree character always warms our hearts and souls. To my beautiful GF Yana, congratulations for your latest milestone as at 2nd November 2012, where you have upgraded your status to becoming a wifey.A bundle a joy soon perhaps???

And Ain... U look gorgeous at any time, whether ur preggers or not he he he...

2) Badran & Liyana

Strangely, both weddings I've attended that weekend had the name Liyana for both brides kan?
On the morning of 3rd Nov 2012, my abang saudara, Wan Mohd Shamsul Badran also tied the know with his wife Liyana, ending his bachelorhood @ 30 ++ years (sorry bang, I don't know ur exact age) hehe...
Mum and Son Getting Ready
Btw, this is the first time I've seen the groom wore skinnies to his wedding reception @ Bangi Golf Resort. Oh well, each to their own! :)

To Abg Bad, tahniah diucapkan...semoga menjalani kehidupan yang bahagia bersama isteri dan keluarga baru...

And Yana, welcome to the Big Endudian Family!

Kitaorg mmg suka crash other people's wedding w our photos he he....

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