Saturday, September 27, 2014

Salon Crawl : One Hair Design Studio

Today is Saturday. A free weekend for me..hubby had to run a course this weekend involving some water activities as well camping trip this weekend in perak.. N he brought that little cute rascal with him to keep him company.

Wuhuu~ as much as i'm missing my two heroes like crazy, but the mummy inside me is also anxious :O . Yalaa, mummies are always panicking when dealing these issues relating to 'letting him go to become a big boy'. Aiya...

Puchong has always been one of those towns that i loved to spend time in. reason? Awesome food places, car showrooms, furniture malls, facial salons... And hair salons. I was purchasing a set of hair products for my dry scalp while chit chatting with the sales assistant, n she recommended me to try out a newly opened salon in the area - One Hair Design Studio.

She recommended me becuz they were having discounts n promotion rates for chemical n treatment service.. and that the stylist was super cute... And yes, she was right hehehe..

Initially, i decided to wash my hair. Bt my super dry hair needed extra help... So the hairdresser introduced me to the Milbon Aqua Treatment (a japanese treatment thats nw the popular in japan)

I thot number76 salon je yg carry this treatment? Bt I'm glad ths place does too.
And whats more, the promotional rate nw is rm99, instead of the usual price of rm179.

So the process goes, the 1st step was that she lathered the serum to remove tangles;
After 10 minutes, she added another cream to add moisture, and my hair was steamed for 15 minutes;
Then, my hair was washed, added the 3rd layer of treatment which was to lock the moisture and seal the cuticles.
Then my hair was rinced again.. and blow dried.

Guess what? Cute k-pop guy blow dried my hair.

Results? Awesomeness~ hair felt silky, soft n bouncy! N smells great too...

All i need to do is nw monitor on hw long ths effect lasts until my hair gets frizzy again.

Bt overall, i love this place because:
- great rates
- super friendly staff
- opens early n closes late
- great treatment products

Thank you One Hair, I'll be seeing u soon!

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