Thursday, August 7, 2014

Salon Crawl - Shawn Cutler, Bangsar Branch

My date with Shawn Cutler was an interesting one. I originally bought a hair voucher from Number76 bangsar for treatment and professional cut by the senior stylist. And i booked the appointment like 3 hrs before i was suppose to push off to kampung for Raya celebration... And had to 'tipu sunat' (lie for a good cause) darling hubs to get my hair done.( the things we woman have to do kan??) But u won't spill on me, promise ya...

But alas, on the day itself, I was caught up with all the 'salam salam n hand kissing n asking forgiveness' mumbo jumbo.. so i was late for my appointment... and since they have a line of customers already in standby.. i had to forgo n reschedule.

But I still need to have my hair done. My layers are all over the place.

Since i was already in Bangsar area, need to find another solution. Ada ke org yg sanggup slot me in? its just a haircut... pretty please????

Ive heard so much bout Shawn n his wonderful team. But u knw la, kot2 last minute main butt in, kot2 ada junior stylist je? :( hentam sajalah.. so i drop saja. Nasib baik dkt dgn my favourite supper hangout:- Milk n Butter.

I believe, Shawn needs no introduction. Famous for doing celebrities, I'm sure he has some magical touch that maker people come to him. Frankly, ive been meaning to try too. So nw's my chance...

I was lucky a senior stylist could attend to me. Actually, shawn pun free, tp rate dia rm120. Mak ai.. belum raya dah bankrap. haha.. if I'm hanis zalika, boleh le nk splurge. Ni dapat g salon hanis zalikha pun dah ok :D so, i get to be introduced to wayne lim...

As expected like any stylist comment, my hair was quite brittle n frizzy juga. I guess i' 've been skipping treatments so cn see the effects of malasness. Nope, I'm nt using my son as alasan anymore. And wayne said due to my frizzy hair, i cnt be having too many layers.. nanti lebih kembang. (Ok, noted. Berazam utk lbh rajin nw.. ) he also offered me to try relaxing as an option. Erk! Nantilah... Wait till I'm richer.

And the results after 1 hr?

Woot! Woot! Amazeballs. Looks awesome, even though i nw have lesser layers. Bt I'm very the very satisfied. I thank wayne n promised hm.. my next project will be to get some highlights. I'm sure they''re fantastic at it.

And at a rate of rm75, that's very2 affordable.

So ladies, get your mane cared by shawn n team. Total awesomeness!

Enjoy ur raya!

The outlet I had my hair done in Bangsar

The sister outlet in Telawi Square, managed by Gibson (Shawn's Twin Brother)

Lesser layers = Thicker Hair. Loving it. 

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